Customizable Player Options

Our team of developers stays on the cutting-edge of media management technology, rolling out new functionality and features with each release.

Take a look at some of the features we’ve already developed:

Horizontal playlist: Allows you to manage multiple videos; usually placed below your video. Social share: Allows users to share your content via an array of social networking options.
Vertical playlist: Allows you to manage multiple videos; placed beside your video. Add to calendar: Allows users to add webcast event reminders directly to their calendars.
Email a friend: Allows users to share your content with other users via email address. Watermark: Allows you to embed a logo or other desired image directly onto your video, further exposing your brand.
Embed code: Allows advanced users to replicate your player on their own websites or blogs. User registration: Allows you to capture important information from your users; can be optional or mandatory.

A variety of player looks is also available

Pick the one that best suits your project, or discuss your vision with us to develop something more customized.

We’ve also developed a range of robust player add-ons that can take your webcast to the next level. Discover more about available interactive plugins here.