Hosting & Streaming Features

When you’re looking to host and stream large amounts of video online, you need a solution built for high volume and delivery to a wide, simultaneous viewing audience. Here’s where we can help: Our proprietary video content management system offers stability, scalability, and redundancy for delivering video over the Internet. Whether you’re adding a digital media management component to one of our webcasting packages, managing your own streams with our self-provisioning webcast tool, or simply looking to organize and broadcast video you already own, our hosting and streaming solutions make managing your online video assets easy.

Delivery you can count on

We work with some of the world's largest content delivery networks (CDNs). Our rock-solid system is optimized for speed and quality of digital media transmission; it can support as many concurrent viewers as your needs dictate, even hundreds of thousands.

Complimentary video player and playlist builder

An indispensable piece of delivering online video, our exclusive player makes your video look incredible online. (Learn more about available customization options). When you need to display more than one video, our playlist builder takes things a step further: Take complete control of your video hierarchy with drag-and-drop playlists, nested video content, complex yet scalable navigation structures, and more. Unlike other players, we never include our own branding or third-party advertising — your video will provide a seamless user experience that only reflects your company's brand.

Flexible user management

Our system allows you to add as many individual users as you'd like. You can assign various levels of permission to users, giving you full control over access to specific projects or files. Publishing workflows streamline the process.

Robust reporting and statistics

We offer a full suite of reporting and security tools that allow you to manage sensitive content and monitor viewership data. (Contact us to view a sample report.)

Versatile, intelligent file management

Our intuitive system is optimized to append metadata across multi-bitrate streams, simplifying the publishing process (which may also be customized to support company-specific metadata). Our content management system can elegantly handle all types of media files.

Stellar customer support

Client satisfaction is our highest priority. We go the extra mile to meet our customers' needs and solve technical issues.

Affordable, usage-based pricing options

We offer cost-effective solutions with monthly, metered billing — unlike other companies' pricing, you pay only for what you use (no contract). Our hosting and streaming packages start at $60/month for 10 GB of delivery and 10 GB of storage (additional usage is billed at $0.50/GB). Have a library of content you need hosted? Contact us to talk about our special discounts for bulk media.