Player Plugins

We’ve developed a comprehensive suite of video player add-ons to enhance your viewers’ experience, including:

Customized branding

Video Destination creates unique user experiences with your event video by developing an entire branded experience with custom functionality tailored to your business needs. Video Destination’s developers can design, build and host custom video implementations that incorporate sponsor branding and maximizes the impact of your own organization’s branding. Our video player allows for full control over how your branding appears to viewers. With Video Destination, one size does NOT fit all.

Presentation integration

When a speaker needs to refer to charts, data, photos, or other visuals, a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation can help drive the point home for both on-site and remote viewers. Our player allows you to embed slides directly into your webcast in a multitude of configurations.

Mobile device streaming

With users watching more and more video on the go and away from their desks, optimizing your webcast for viewing on mobile devices is becoming increasingly important. We offer support for both Android and iPhone devices.

Social media integration

As the wild popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter continues to grow, integrating your webcast into these channels can only add to your message’s stickiness and visibility. We can stream your event directly to your social media profile pages, allowing viewers to comment, share, “like,” and more. Alternately, we can add components of Facebook and Twitter to a webcast streaming from your own organization’s site to help drive traffic there.


For users with hearing disabilities, closed-captioning can provide an excellent way to stay connected to an important event. Our proprietary video player enables you to display speaker or other key text immediately under the live event video, so none of your viewers misses even a second of what’s being said.


Similar to the benefits reaped by closed-captioning, including multi-language support in your webcast allows you to reach viewers in the native language of their choice. Our player can present viewers with a selection of language; a real-time, U.N.-style audio translation of the event is then played in conjunction with the live streaming video.

(Have a special need? Just ask us — innovation is one of our key strengths.)