Self-Provisioning Webcasts

Self-provisioning webcasts are the perfect scalable solution for organizations and businesses that would like to produce their own live webcasts.

The process is simple: You handle the production and encoding of your webcast; we provide you with an embeddable media player to host on your website. We then host the live streaming video through our content delivery network (CDN), assuring you quality of service and no more worries about the number of people logging on to view your content.

With more than five years of webcasting experience, we are experts at enabling our clients to get an exceptional picture at their desired bitrate. We also set up extensive consultations with each client to be sure the encoder is implemented correctly.

Other benefits to using our self-provisioning webcast services include basic customization of a video player (with assistance embedding it into your website), use of our flexible playlist builder for display of multiple live streams (as well as for incorporating archived events or other video), and access to our proprietary content management system (which incorporates our robust suite of reporting tools).

Our self-provisioned live webcasting service begins at $200/month for 100GB of delivery bandwidth.

Need live webcasting for an event but prefer to have someone else handle the production/encoding? Learn more about our full range of webcasting services.