Webcasts for Meetings

Video has the power to connect. Connecting you to your clients, colleagues around the world, and to content in real-time. Whether you’re planning a conference, trade show, or board meeting, Video Destination conference solutions can help you to engage your audience, enhance brand recognition, provide significant cost benefits, and potential earnings too.

By integrating live streaming video and/or video production into your next event you can:

  • Drive ROI and generate leads
  • Enhance its profile and increase visibility
  • Exponentially expand your audience
  • Repurpose value-adding content as archived video
  • Increase engagement through interactive features,
  • Monetize your event video by incorporating sponsor branding
  • Create a new revenue stream by allowing viewers to pay to attend

As a leading provider of professional webcasting and online video services since 2006, Video Destination Digital Media offers a one-stop solution for all of your video needs. Our expert professionals can handle as much or as little of the workflow as you’d like, and we work seamlessly with in-house teams or other external vendors. We are located in New York City’s Flatiron District, but we can and will travel to meet client needs anywhere in the world.

(Have special needs? Call us— innovation is one of our key strengths.)

Our service packages are both budget-conscious and highly flexible, allowing you to select as many or as few options as you need.

Our conference solutions include:

Social media integration

By linking your video to your Facebook, Twitter, or Yammer accounts, you can attract a wider audience and encourage interactivity.

Closed-captioning and multi-languages

Make your video accessible to anyone around the world

Customizable playlists

Arrange video segments by event, day, topic, or however you choose in a highly configurable playlist

PowerPoint integration

Pair speaker audio with real-time visual aids by incorporating presentation slides into your video

Interactive features

With Submit-a-Question (Q&A), Skype integration, and contests, you can engage webcast viewers and let them feel more connected to live events via their participation


Take complete control of who has permission to view your video

Corporate/sponsor branding

Flexible options allow you to incorporate elements of your corporate identity or your sponsor's branding

Pay-per-view functionality

Coming soon, you'll have the ability to directly monetize the live streaming of your conference or on-demand of your post-event content

Chintimini M. Keith

Interactive Producer, 360° Digital Influence, Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Thank you for a fabulous webcast! From the planning to the numerous site checks, your team was committed to the success of the webcast — and the happiness of our client! The Video Destination team was professional, punctual, and very detail-oriented.

Flores Christine

Internet Manager, AP Corporate Communications
Thanks for your outstanding work pulling together the many components for this year’s Annual Meeting. The in-room feedback has been great and we have already received glowing remarks about the webcast. I am in awe of your tremendous talents.