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ZWASP (Video Destination’s Webcasting Application Service Platform) 3.0 expands the video experience by combining high-level audience engagement with real-time reporting. Now you can register viewers, run polls, promote audience interaction through social media, engage in ecommerce, and generate sales leads all as your video content unfolds. With ZWASP you can turn passive viewers into participants capable of interacting and communicating with your content in real-time.

With our extensive experience, cutting-edge equipment, and service-oriented approach, we offer one-stop shopping for the entire webcasting process: pre-production, customization of a video player, live encoding, post-production, and even hosting and streaming of your archived webcast.

One of the most important parts of maximizing the impact of your online video is how you present your content. We build first-class front-end solutions that you can brand as your own, allowing you to take full control of your digital media while adding interactive features to engage your audience and increase ROI.

Video Destination’s webcast services add user interactivity and increase your ROI on you webcasts. We offer a full suite of services and can customize them to meet your specific needs and manage them throughout the live webcast process.