Video Player

One of the most important parts of maximizing the impact of your online video is how you present your content. Video players don’t just contain your video: They frame your users’ experience. Our players can help you engage your audience with added interactivity.

We build first-class front-end solutions that you can brand as your own, allowing you to take full control of customizing the presentation of your digital media. With years of experience creating video players, we continue to think about ways to improve and enhance functionality.

An invaluable complement to our webcasting (live and on-demand) and hosting packages, our video players are developed in Adobe Flash (based on Open Source Media Framework), Microsoft Silverlight, and HTML5. All standard versions come equipped with playback, volume, and full-screen controls. Our extensive range of optional plug-ins can be configured to build a player to your specifications. Because we design our players with only the features you need, they stay lightweight, which optimizes the speed of your page load.